Lure of the Outlands

Surviving multiple yellow fever epidemics in Memphis, a young man goes on to become a war hero of the Spanish-American war. The question arises, is he a present-day hero or has his murderous past caught up with him? Battling malaria confuses the line between fever-induced delusions and reality. Follow along as the Army doctor travels to Memphis in attempt to discover the truth.
Lure of the Outlands
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Lure of the Outlands is a historcal novel.

I don't do a lot of book reading because if I actually find the time to sit down and read I don't want to have to work at it. I finally found some time to read your latest novel, Lure of the Outlands, and I loved it! I really enjoy your writing style. I never have enough time to sit and read a book from cover to cover but I know a good book when I can't wait for the chance to pick it up and read some more and that my friend is what you do for me. I thank you for my few hours of enjoyment and look forward to what's coming up next.

Larry G. - Spokane, WA