The Lady from Hoback

A professor inspires students with a unique view of American government. Surprisingly, these admirers tear him away from the comfort of the classroom and thrust him into the world of politics. Undaunted, he tackles the task willingly. However, when he believes his term is ending, he gets sucked back in due to an obscure provision in the Constitution. Seizing the chance, he charts a unique path.

by Keith Keltner

The Lady from Hoback   
ISBN 9781310364990  -  Digital
​ISBN 9780998223209  -  Paperback


I just finished The Lady from Hoback and enjoyed every bit of it. Marie Heloise was a hoot and the Russians added a great depth to the story of a professor and his students as they try to make their positive improvements to the way the federal government operates. The application of the Electoral College was very interesting and had me researching the specifics for myself. I was sad the story came to an end and even more sad that the professor wasn't really running for this year's presidential election. Great job, my friend!

Daniel Everett
​Redmond, WA
Excerpts from Dr. Maness:

I am sorry that it has taken so long for me to read your novel, The Lady
from Hoback
, and give my response. I like the way you develop your story
around a college professor and his students and bring it forward until early 2021.
The way you conduct the professor's class in American history is very interesting
as is the way you talk about each of the professor's students like Sam, Melody,
Vincent, and others as well as others the professor comes in contact with like
politicians of both major political parties.

Through the professor, Ian Dixon, you have pretty well covered the contemporary political situation in the United States with the Democratic party being the party of big government and big spending and the Republican party standing for a more constitutional and limited government and with less spending. However, the Republicans never seem to be able to bring about meaningful reform to further their stated goals.

Keith, I enjoyed reading your historical novel very much. What you say
through the professor are things that I have believed in and have advocated for
decades. I believed The Lady from Hoback deserves a wide ranging audience.

         Dr. Lonnie E. Maness, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of History
The Univ. of TN at Martin
Martin, TN 38238